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Tom Brady reacts to social media shade over his big hat

Tom Brady whipped social media into a frenzy on Thursday night over a big hat he wore to the New England Patriots’ preseason showdown with the Carolina Panthers.

No stranger to making self-deprecating wisecracks on social media, Brady took to Twitter on Friday morning to react to the frenzy inspired by his unique choice in headwear.

Brady is about as fashion-conscious as any professional athlete, and he routinely causes a stir with his wardrobe and sense of style. On Thursday night, social media marveled at his stylish chapeau.

Even former teammate Wes Welker got in on the hat-reacting action.

That set the stage for Brady to engage in the kind of social media hijinks he has expertly cultivated. In a tweet posted Friday morning, Brady jokingly hinted he has something in store for the regular season when it comes to his hat game.

Game. Set. Match.