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Saquon Barkley facilitated Baker Mayfield-Daniel Jones chat

Baker Mayfield ignited a firestorm with some unflattering comments about Daniel Jones, and Saquon Barkley has acknowledged that he played a role in getting the quarterbacks in touch so the two could hash things out.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback raised eyebrows by saying in a GQ interview that it “blows my mind” that the New York Giants selected Jones with the No. 6 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Mayfield attempted to walk back in his comments after a controversy erupted, even going so far as to blame the media for the fallout.

After the Giants beat the Cincinnati Bengals in preseason action Thursday night, Barkley, a friend of Mayfield’s, revealed that the Browns signal-caller got in touch with him to make sure Jones received his message.

“Baker reached out to me,’’ Barkley said, via the New York Post. “Through a mutual friend he got Daniel’s number and sent Daniel a text and basically, just in case he didn’t have the right number, or he switched his number, he had said, ‘Can you make sure Daniel gets this?’ That was really it.’’

Mayfield later told reporters about the nature of his texts with Jones, saying things got blown “way out of hand” and he wanted the Giants quarterback to “know how I felt.”

Jones noted Thursday that Mayfield made things right with his efforts to clear the air.

“I certainly appreciated him reaching out,’’ Jones said. “I realize he said that a long time ago and there’s no telling how he said it and I trust him.’’

Jones said Mayfield’s text explained “it was just a miscommunication and a misrepresentation of what he said. I told him it was all good and no worries.’’

All’s well that ends well, it would seem.