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Marshall Faulk: Dak Prescott will be a ‘bum’ after signing new deal

Marshall Faulk has become a major player in the ongoing contract drama plaguing the Dallas Cowboys on two fronts, and the harsh shot he took at Dak Prescott is likely to generate the most noise.

The Hall of Famer revealed during an appearance this week on “The Rich Eisen Show” that he will be training with running back Ezekiel Elliott, who has returned to Cabo San Lucas to seek refuge amid his protracted holdout.

“I’ve got some drills and some stuff that I used to do. I’ve challenged him with his conditioning, and trying to get him closer to football ready, not just being in good shape,” Faulk said. “So, I’m going down to try and make him throw up. That’s my job.”

What’s bound to generate some controversy, though, is how Faulk made an unflattering remark about Prescott, who like Elliott is angling for a new deal with the Cowboys. Faulk pulled no punches when assessing the Cowboys quarterback, even suggesting Prescott will turn into a “bum” once he signs a lucrative, long-term deal.

“This kid has basically carried this team the past three years,” Faulk said of Elliott, before suggesting Prescott will be a “bum” once he gets paid and criticizing the Cowboys’ recent decision to reward another player with a big-money extension, per CBS Sports. “I’ll be honest with you: If I’m Zeke, and I was sitting down, and I saw that they signed Jaylon Smith, I’m pissed. I’m just saying, I’m pissed.”

Faulk was alluding to how the Cowboys just inked Smith to a five-year, $64 million extension, something that arguably could upset Elliott as much as Jerry Jones jokingly shading the running back earlier this week.

There is now word that the contract impasse between Elliott and the Cowboys could be resolved as early as this coming weekend, but until pen is put to paper, nothing is certain.

Either way, the fact that Faulk is shading Prescott while training with Elliott certainly adds another interesting dynamic to a tumultuous Cowboys offseason heading into the 2019 campaign.