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‘Zeke Who?’ billboards popping up around Philadelphia

Jerry Jones delivered the one-liner of the NFL preseason recently when he jokingly trolled holdout running back Ezekiel Elliott by saying “Zeke Who?” in reaction to Tony Pollard playing well in a preseason game against the the Los Angeles Rams in Elliott’s absence.

The barb was such a terrific troll job — not to mention one that spawned something of a media firestorm — that it has inspired “Zeke Who?” billboards to pop up in the hometown of one of the Cowboys’ division rivals.

Social media lit up on Wednesday courtesy of Philadelphia Eagles fans who took notice that a handful of “Zeke Who?” billboards have appeared around town.

To no surprise, Elliott’s camp did not look fondly upon Jones’ quip, with agent Rocky Arceneaux later chiming in about the zinger.

“I didn’t think it was funny and neither did Zeke – we actually thought it was disrespectful,” Arceneaux said.

What came a few days after Jones’ joke merits noting as well: Elliott returned to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, where he had previously sought refuge during his holdout.

Further, amid the fallout from “Zeke Who?”-gate, Cowboys COO/Executive VP/Director of player personnel Stephen Jones seemingly fired back at Arceneaux by intimating Elliott’s agent is doing his client no favors.

“I have a lot of respect for, you know, most agents,” Jones said, per Jon Machota of The Athletic. “I really do. I think they’re trying to do their job for these players. But I do think sometimes they don’t have the end game that maybe the players should and we do.”

The fact that Jerry Jones’ own words are inspiring trolling billboards to surface in Philly only makes the situation that much messier for the Cowboys.

Eagles fans, on the other hand, have to be loving the disarray plaguing their fierce division rivals, especially with only a few weeks until the regular season kicks off.