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Kevin Durant defends Devin Booker over double-team controversy

The silliest NBA offseason controversy in recent memory has taken another turn thanks to Kevin Durant weighing in on the bafflingly polarizing issue.

The entire scandal was spawned by Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker complaining about getting double-teamed during a recent pickup game that included a handful of fellow NBAers.

In a video with Booker and other NBA players working out, Booker says, as transcribed by the New York Post, “Hey bro, we not doubling in open gym bro.”

“Yeah we are,” one-time Knick Joakim Noah says.

“I get that s–t all season bro. C’mon, man. Let’s work on our game,” Booker answers.

“It’s part of the game,” Noah replies.

Booker has since come under some criticism over his antics, but Durant took to social media this week to come to his defense in a series of tweets.

“You matchup with your position. U need double teams all game? In pickup? Cmon now, what we doing?” Durant wrote. “GUARD UP! It’s pickup, if u weak defensively then work on it in the summer cuz if u need a double during the season then coach sittin u on the [bench].”

In responses to other tweets about the controversy, the Brooklyn Nets star continued to go to bat for Booker.

“Stop him. If you can’t then come back tomorrow,” and, “Obviously Dbook just wanna work on his s–. U can’t score like that so u can’t relate, that’s why I’m here to bridge the gap.”

Durant is no stranger to getting into beefs on social media — who also infamously created his own Twitter burner accounts of all things — but usually those involve the superstar defending himself, not one of his NBA colleagues.

It also merits noting that Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young shared Durant’s perspective on the Booker situation.

In the end, whichever side one takes on the double-team-during-pickup-game debate, most folks can agree that the NBA offseason is unlike any other in professional sports.