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Antonio Brown trolls Steelers fans over ‘Hard Knocks’ ratings

Antonio Brown unsurprisingly is one of the biggest stars of this season’s “Hard Knocks,” and the Oakland Raiders wide receiver has taken notice of how the HBO show is doing unbelievably well ratings-wise back in his old stomping grounds.

The ratings are out for “Hard Knocks,” and not only is the show covering the ins and outs of Raiders training camp a huge hit across the country, it is a ratings juggernaut in Pittsburgh, where ratings for Tuesday night’s episode nearly tripled the national average.

It makes sense that Steelers backers are keenly interested in seeing how a former fan favorite — who of course ultimately wore out his welcome, to put it mildly — is faring with his new team. Brown, however, was not about to allow the news of “Hard Knocks” being a ratings bonanza in Pittsburgh go unnoticed.

Brown took to Twitter late Wednesday evening to troll Steelers fans over their rapt attention to his antics on “Hard Knocks,” amusingly referring to Steeler Nation as his “ex.”

It merits noting this is not the first time Steelers fans were the subject of Brown’s social media musings, though the enigmatic wideout was in a much more nostalgic mood the last time it occurred. Brown has also made it clear since his exodus out of Pittsburgh that he thoroughly enjoyed his time with the team.

Steeler Nation obviously have good memories of Brown’s time with the team, but watching the superstar in his first season with the Raiders must elicit some semblance of contempt.

That said, the case can be made Steelers fans should also feel a sense of relief that they no longer have to put up with some of his outrageous antics.