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Aaron Rodgers tried to trip Matt Nagy at celebrity golf tournament?

The rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears is among the oldest in the NFL, and some recent antics by Aaron Rodgers at the expense of Matt Nagy makes the case that there is no offseason when it comes to these two organizations.

The Bears head coach relayed a story this week about an encounter with the Packers quarterback at a celebrity golf tournament. According to Nagy, Rodgers attempted to embarrass him in front of a large crowd with an attempted trip.

Nagy and Rodgers were both participants in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe in July. The hosts of the event held an event ahead of the tournament where all the celebrities were to be introduced. When Nagy’s name was called, Rodgers seized upon the opportunity to attempt a prank.

“I’m scrambling in the back to stand up and there’s about a hundred guys sitting in the back row, and as I’m walking, all of the sudden I trip,” Nagy recalled after Thursday’s practice, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “I look back, and someone stuck their knee out to trip me.

“I look back and he’s just sitting there and he’s staring at me, laughing, with this grin. I just looked at him and all I thought about was, ‘This is gonna be fun.’ That was the interaction we had, and I think it was a mutual respect.”

It’s admirable that Nagy had a great sense of humor about Rodgers’ attempt to trip him up, but one has to wonder if he would found as much humor in the situation had he face-planted in front of all those people.

In any event, odds are Nagy will wait until next offseason if he hopes to exact revenge on Rodgers over the prank. Then again, perhaps nothing would satisfy Nagy more than to beat Rodgers and the Packers in their two NFC North division showdowns this season, although that wouldn’t necessarily have anything do with his encounter with the quarterback over the summer.