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Bryce Harper hopes Mookie Betts surpasses his deal in free agency

Bryce Harper has long been an admirer of Mookie Betts, and with the Philadelphia Phillies in town for a series with the Boston Red Sox, he took time to heap praise upon his fellow superstar outfielder.

Betts’ future with the Red Sox is unclear with unrestricted free agency looming following the 2020 season. Given how Betts previously rejected a lucrative contract offer from the Red Sox, there’s at least a chance Betts could leave Boston after next season.

However things play out, Harper is pulling for Betts to outpace his record 13-year, $330 million deal on the free-agency market, while making note of how Mike Trout has since agreed to a 12-year, $430 million extension with the Los Angeles Angels after he signed with the Phillies.

“Just like Trout did,” Harper said, via NBC Sports Boston. “Mookie’s an incredible player. If he has an opportunity to make more money than I do, then I hope he does.”

Harper also pointed out how Betts, along with other players of his caliber, should take advantage of the right to test the market when the opportunity presents itself.

“For myself and other players, you earn that opportunity to go there,” Harper said. “You’re locked in for a long period of time with one team once you get drafted, and then you have an opportunity to go and listen to other teams and see what they have to offer. It’s a fun time, it’s a good time to feel wanted, and Mookie is going to be wanted by a lot of teams and I think Boston is going to be one of them.”

Harper already got his huge payday in free agency, so it stands to reason he shouldn’t have any issue with other players getting paid as well, even if it means his deal gets dwarfed in the process. While ego conceivably could play a role, it sounds like Harper is just fine if a player of Betts’ pedigree makes out better than he did in free agency.