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Joe Maddon jokes about ceremonial first pitch struggles at LLWS

It took Joe Maddon multiple attempts to ultimately deliver a decent ceremonial first pitch at the Little League World Series over the weekend, but at least the manager had a good sense of humor about his struggles.

Ahead of a showdown between the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates in Williamsport, Pa., on Sunday night, Maddon was tasked with first-pitch duties before a match-up between Hawaii and New Jersey at the LLWS.

Maddon needed not one, not two but three tries to finally keep the baseball from diving into the dirt on his pitches.

Maddon weighed in on his ceremonial first pitch woes afterward, and the skipper managed to sneak in some self-deprecating humor in his comments.

Maddon interestingly relied upon one of his quirky Cubs’ managerial mantras from a few seasons ago when discussing his efforts with the “trying not to suck” reference.

All that said, Maddon obviously is not the first person to have issues when performing ceremonial first pitch duties — a group infamously led by 50 Cent, not to mention a poor White Sox staffer earlier this season — though it merits noting not every first pitch of this sort goes awry.

Still, Maddon was finally able to deliver a decent pitch. Granted, he was given three tries, an opportunity not everyone in his position has been afforded over the years.