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Spanish call of Bryce Harper’s walk-off grand slam is amazing

Bryce Harper delivered the biggest hit of his Philadelphia Phillies career on Thursday night when he hit a walk-off grand slam to seal a thrilling 7-5 victory over the Chicago Cubs. As is often the case, the Spanish-language call of Harper’s clutch hit is predictably incredible.

It merits first noting, though, that the call on NBC Sports Philadelphia courtesy of Tom McCarthy — along with John Kruk yelling “Oh my god!” in the background — featured the requisite emotion and deserved dramatic flair.

“Deep to right field. Way up there! And Waaaaaay outta’ here!” McCarthy said.

Still, the Spanish-language version of the call from Bill Kulik, as heard on WTTM-AM, is downright outstanding.

“Dos y dos. El zurdo. Viene. ¡Batazo profundo! ¡Al jardín derecho! Atras de la bolaaaaaaaaa! ¡Se va de cuadrangular!” Kulik said, via Rob Tornoe of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

And here’s Kulik’s call translated into English, courtesy of my colleague Karla Ovalle:

“Two and two. The lefty. Here it comes. Deep hit to right field! Tracking the baaaaaaaaaaalll! And it’s gone for a homerun!”

Spanish-language announcers never disappoint when injecting some flair and passion into their calls for dramatic sports moments, and it goes without saying that Kulik certainly rose to the occasion on Harper’s walk-off grand slam.

Further, it should go without saying that both of the above calls featured much more positivity when compared to how the Cubs broadcast team viewed Harper’s round-tripper, which sealed a three-game sweep for the Phillies.

“The Phillies win it on a titanic grand slam by Bryce Harper,” WGN’s Len Kasper bemoaned. Understandably and deservedly dejected, without question.