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Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea feels ‘gut punched’ over DeMarcus Cousins injury

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist and Los Angeles Lakers superfan Flea penned an emotional tribute to DeMarcus Cousins amid the news that the NBA star suffered a torn ACL while participating in workouts in Las Vegas on Thursday, a devastating season-ending setback.

Flea took to Instagram on Thursday to post his reaction to the terrible development, indicating he feels “gut punched” over Cousins being lost for the season, with this latest injury being only the latest occurrence of the star’s promising career being derailed in such a brutally disappointing manner.

“As a hardcore @lakers fan, I am gut punched by the season ending injury to @boogiecousins My childlike obsession with all things Lakers is endless,” Flea writes in the post. “But as a sane adult, I feel a deep well of compassion for him. That guy has worked so hard to rise up from his upbringing in Mobile, Alabama, to become a transcendent all star baller, a guy capable of doing it ALL at both ends of the court.

It must be so daunting for him now, faced with another year, a third damn season in a row of rehab rehab rehab, with only a ray of hope to rely on that his body can return to the rightful elite athletic plateau it has been on and still deserves to be.

I just hope he knows that us people who respect the artful craft of this cerebral and spiritual sport of basketball recognize his greatness and are pulling for him to defy all the odds and get back on top. The humility and discipline it will take is massive. We believe in you Demarcus.”

Flea, who is never afraid to proclaim his Lakers fandom, of course is not the only NBA fan troubled by Cousins again having to battle his way back from a serious injury. Countless NBA stars, coaches and the like have expressed their sympathy for Cousins as well, demonstrating that the young star has plenty of people pulling for him amid this latest devastating setback.