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Kenny Stills, Dolphins owner ‘agreed to disagree’ over Trump event

Kenny Stills insists there are no lingering issues between himself and Stephen Ross over the Miami Dolphins owner’s recent fundraiser for Donald Trump after the two discussed the wide receiver’s issue with the event.

“We agreed to disagree and that was it,” Stills said after Tuesday’s joint practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, per The Palm Beach Post.

Stills originally took to Twitter last week to react to the news that Ross was set to host a $250,000-per-person luncheon fundraiser in the Hamptons that benefitted Trump’s reelection campaign.

The Dolphins receiver pointed out in his social media dispatches what he viewed as an incongruity between the mission statement of Ross’ charity and Trump’s political agenda. Stills later withdrew from having any involvement in Ross’ charity, RISE (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality), saying his “gut” told him to do so.

Amid the fallout, Ross was said to be “freaked out” over the backlash to his hosting of the Trump fundraiser. According to Stills, he texted Ross about the controversy and the two later addressed the issue during a phone call.

“There’s not much to argue about,” Stills said. “He has his feelings about it and he stands firm in that and I respect that. But I disagree and I told him there’s no hard feelings. There’s no beef and let’s win some games this year.”

The entire situation of course served as a distraction for the Dolphins organization. It appears Stills wants nothing more than to put the entire controversy behind him so the team can focus solely on the upcoming season.