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Joe Namath praises ‘respectfully humble’ Sam Darnold

Joe Namath was left impressed with what he saw out of Sam Darnold this week at training camp, but the New York Jets legend warned against unrealistic expectations heading into the 2019 NFL season.

Namath not only watched Darnold on the field during Monday’s practice, he also spent some time with the second-year signal-caller in the Jets’ quarterbacks room. Suffice to say, Namath has high expectations for Darnold. That said, Namath pointed out that Darnold cannot do it all on his own.

“Win a championship,” Namath said of those expectations, via the New York Post. “Now expectations and hopes are two different things. I hope we can win a championship, but I don’t know that kind of talent is here right now. It remains to be seen.”

While Namath believes the Jets may be a year or two away from being legitimate Super Bowl contenders, he nevertheless views Darnold as the quarterback that can lead the team to a championship.

“I like his demeanor,” Namath said. “We didn’t go out to dinner or anything, but the few times that I’ve been in his presence and talked with him he gives you a good vibe, a good feeling. He’s respectfully humble. Physically, he can play as well as anybody. He just needs to keep polishing himself and the team needs to polish up.”

It’s indeed interesting that Namath appreciates how Darnold is “respectfully humble.” After all, this is the same guy who famously wore a fur coat on the Jets’ sideline.

That said, how Namath holds Darnold in such high regard stands in stark contrast with how the Jets icon has been more than happy to slam the team’s quarterbacks over the years when he deemed it appropriate.