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Did Cowboys leak Dak Prescott’s reported contract demands?

Much is being made this week of the exorbitant contract demands purportedly being set forth by Dak Prescott. Is it possible that the Dallas Cowboys are behind the numbers being leaked? According to Dan Patrick, that may indeed be the case.

NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported Monday that Prescott rejected an offer from the Cowboys that would have paid in $30 million annually. What’s more, Slater added that Prescott is believed to be demanding a salary of $40 million per year.

The report that Prescott countered the Cowboys’ offer with a $40 million/year demand has been discredited to some extent in subsequent reporting.

That said, Patrick indicated on Tuesday’s edition of his radio show that a source informed him that the Cowboys leaked the original report in an effort to sway public opinion in their favor.

To say the Cowboys are in contract extension purgatory at this stage of the preseason would be an understatement. Not only is the organization contending with Prescott’s contract impasse, Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout over a new contract of his own has the running back away from the team with no immediate resolution in sight.

The Cowboys were said to have offers on the table for both Prescott and Elliott — not to mention wideout Amari Cooper — that would put the three in elite company in salary terms. Nothing obviously has come to fruition, and the notion the Cowboys allegedly are attempting to do damage control to limit the PR damage from failing to sign any of their three stars certainly is telling.