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Dodgers stars help convince young boy to keep playing baseball

A youngster named Colt was thinking about giving up baseball for good, but video messages shared by the Los Angeles Dodgers from stars Clayton Kershaw and Cody Bellinger helped convince the nine-year-old to keep on playing the game.

Colt had been taking a break from baseball this summer and was considering quitting the game for good. He quickly reversed course after viewing messages shared on Instagram by the Dodgers Foundation featuring two of his favorite players, in which the stars plead with kids to keep playing sports.

The videos were made in collaboration with ESPN and the Aspen Institute, who are heading up the “Don’t Retire, Kid” initiative, a project that aims to keep kids active in sports and aspires to bring more children into participating.

The messages from Kershaw and Bellinger clearly had an impact upon Colt, who has decided to give baseball another shot. The nine-year-old wrote a letter to the two ballplayers to thank them for inspiring his decision to stick with playing the game.

Colt’s father shared the youngster’s heartwarming note on Instagram.

Great stuff. Hopefully, the “Don’t Retire, Kid” initiative inspires other children like Colt to keep playing sports.