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Is Rob Gronkowski still considering a potential WWE career?

It’s no secret that Rob Gronkowski has an affinity for professional wrestling. Is it possible that the retired New England Patriots tight end is now considering a career in the WWE?

WWE star Mojo Rowley, a longtime pal of Gronk’s, recently opined that the retired NFL star, while not contemplating a WWE career at the moment, could choose to do so sometime in the future.

He just wrapped up a decade-long career breaking records,” Rowley recently told CBS Baltimore. “For every record he had he probably had as many injuries or surgeries putting his body on the line for the team and the fans. Right now he’s doing nothing. He’s going to lay low and stay off the television a little bit and heal up. He’ll reflect and make that next move and make that decision carefully.”

Gronkowski already has made some inroads into the world of professional wrestling, mostly due to his friendship with Rawley, who he supported in person at Wrestlemania 33 back in 2017. Gronk has been known to express interest in a possible WWE career from time to time as well.

Any potential WWE career aside, it merits noting that the door may not be entirely closed when it comes to Gronkowski’s return to the NFL, as he has gamely toyed with the notion from time to time since his retirement.

All that said, Rawley does envision Gronkowski giving a jump into the WWE serious consideration at some point.

“But in the future, we have talked about it extensively,” Rowley said. “Wrestling is something that he both loves watching, and that little bit of taste he had in the ring with me at WrestleMania a couple years ago with me got him all fired up. So, he’s ready to do something at some point.”

Regardless of what Gronkowski ultimately decides, it merits noting that one of the biggest WWE icons of all time believes any foray into pro wrestling by the ex-NFL star would be a seamless one.