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Stephen Jones: Cowboys ‘rarely’ speaking to Ezekiel Elliott’s reps

The holdout by Ezekiel Elliott over a contract dispute has no end in sight, and something Stephen Jones said Wednesday makes it sound like communication may be part of the issue.

Jones, who serves under father Jerry Jones as Cowboys executive vice president, CEO, and director of player personnel, said during an appearance on the “The Rich Eisen Show” that the team is “rarely” in communication with Ezekiel Elliott’s representatives.

“There’s this perception out there about negotiations that there’s these ongoing talks that go on hours at a time, and that’s just not the case,” Jones said, as transcribed by Bleacher Report. “You kind of set the boundaries of where you think it should be, and certainly they’re all represented by very sharp people and they’re trying to do the best for their client. You kind of sit there and you stew on it, you think about it, you’re always trying to think of something that might bridge the gap. But at the end of the day, this is a distribution dilemma for us.”

The Cowboys not only have Elliott’s holdout to contend with, both Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper also are angling for new deals. Between the public statements by the Joneses, though, it’s become clear the organization will continue to take a more aggressive stance on the issues related to Elliott’s ongoing holdout.

A report this week suggested Elliott is willing to go the Le’Veon Bell route and sit out the entire season absent a new deal. The Cowboys appear willing at this point to call his bluff, but as the situation drags closer to the regular season, the team may change its tune.

That said, Jerry Jones expressed confidence over the weekend that a deal will be reached between the team and Elliott, though some of the Cowboys owner’s rhetoric has indicated he’s not at all pleased with the situation.

In other words, it may all come down to who blinks first in a stare-down between Cowboys brass and Elliott’s camp. Maybe it would help if the parties communicated more often.

Jones’ appearance on Eisen’s program follows.