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Old Navy outing amusingly left Dwyane Wade ‘freaking out’

Dwyane Wade recently admitted how a shopping trip to an Old Navy store left him “freaking out,” and what inspired the NBA legend’s shock demonstrates how millionaire sports superstars live their lives in far different worlds than most people.

The recently retired Wade relayed in an interview with Sports Illustrated how the inability of a high-profile celebrity like himself to go out in public can lead to confusing situations when they’re able to actually do something as basic and innocuous as shopping for clothing.

“Okay so, what I was freaking out about—if you want to call it freaking out—was the prices,” Wade told Dan Gartland. “I’m sure some guys do, but I got to a point, especially being so known in Miami—which is a good thing but at times when it comes to personal life stuff, it can be tough — where I hadn’t been to a store in so long. I had a chef to go shopping, a stylist to do this, all that. I don’t really go shopping, so I don’t really know the prices of stuff.

“So I go into Old Navy and I start buying stuff. So I grabbed what I felt was like, (laughs_, a lot of stuff, like it’s got to be $100,000. Not a $100,000 but just speaking in that sense. I got up to the register and it was like $500. I was like, ‘Holy s–t, I thought this was way more.’

Interestingly, Wade’s tale of his commerce confusion follows wife Gabrielle Union relaying how out-of-touch her husband is with the real world due to the lack of commonplace experiences — including things as benign as shopping — which is something that can afflict many celebrities.

Union relayed that Wade thought a gallon of milk costs $20, so the notion he could not believe he only spent $500 on clothes during an Old Navy shopping spree perhaps should not come as much of a surprise.