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Kevin Cash reacts to Rays’ ruthless Players Weekend jersey joke

Kevin Cash was the victim of a prank related to the moniker his jersey jokingly would have featured for the upcoming Players Weekend, but the Tampa Bay Rays manager simply let the nickname zinger roll off his back, both figuratively and literally.

The nicknames that will adorn the jerseys of Rays players and staff was released earlier this week ahead of Major League Baseball’s now-annual tradition, which will take place this coming weekend.

Cash’s supposed moniker, in a ruthless troll job, turned out to be “Rocco’s Seat Warmer.”

“I don’t know where that came from,” Cash said. “… I won’t be wearing it so I’m not overly concerned.”

The reference of course is to Rocco Baldelli, one of Cash’s former lieutenants who is in his first year managing the first-place Minnesota Twins. The intent of the joke is the implication that Cash will one day be replaced by Baldelli, who is a beloved person within the Rays organization, both as a player and a coach/adviser.

Odds of that actually happening, though, are slim to none, at least at this point. As noted, Baldelli is thriving in his debut managerial season in Minnesota. Further, it’s not like Cash is any slouch, either.

After an impressive 2018 campaign, Cash has led the Rays to a sparkling 65-49 record. While it’s unlikely the Rays will be able to catch the red-hot and AL East-leading New York Yankees — who boast a nine-game lead in the division — the Rays occupy the second Wild Card slot in the American League.

In other words, Cash is not keeping a seat warm for anybody. Still a great joke, though.