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Greg Olsen reacts to ‘Madden 20’ botching face redo

Greg Olsen is among the players who have taken issue with their likenesses in “Madden 20.” Despite the iconic video game series’ recent efforts to more accurately represent how the Carolina Panthers tight end really looks, Olsen understandably remains ambivalent over the unimpressive updated product.

Earlier this week, “Madden 20” released an image of its virtual Olsen redo, and the case can be made it is not much better than the original version.

Olsen recently appeared on NFL Network and his arguably inaccurate “Madden 20” avatar came up during the interview.

It turns out, as Olsen relayed to Andrew Siciliano and Maurice Jones-Drew, that he must accept some blame for the ongoing snafu.

“A couple years ago down at the Pro Bowl they (EA Sports) were doing head scans and I guess I didn’t do it,” Olsen said, via “For whatever reason, I was tied up with something else and didn’t do it. Since then they never asked me to do it again.”

He continued, making the Swisher observation:

“I look like Nick Swisher. I’d prefer it look like me, I’ll be honest.”

Every iteration of “Madden” comes with some semblance of controversy, whether it be players bemoaning how they appear in the game or issues related to player rankings, among other gripes. The creators of the game nevertheless also know a thing or two about cleverly trolling players when the opportunity presents itself.

Concerning Olsen, though, while he may be disappointed over his “Madden 20” likeness, it sounds like he at least bears some brunt of the responsibility for how things played out.