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Nationals rallying around Gerardo Parra’s ‘Baby Shark’ walk-up music

After stumbling to a 19-31 start, the Washington Nationals have turned around their season. Interestingly, Gerardo Parra’s decision to change his walk-up music to “Baby Shark” back in June appeared to coincide with the onset of the Nats’ recovery. Now, the Nationals are so charmed by the smash children’s ditty that it has prompted players to create celebrations inspired by it.

Parra, who arrived to the Nationals after the San Francisco Giants cut him loose in May, replaced his typical walk-up music — “Contra La Pared” by Sean Paul and J. Balvin — to “Baby Shark,” a song with which parents of young children are all too familiar.

“My baby likes it,” Parra said of his 2-year-old daughter, Aaliyah, via ESPN

Not only did the Nationals go on a tear after Parra took to using “Baby Shark” ahead of a doubleheader against the Philadelphia Phillies on June 19, Parra has been on a remarkable hot streak of his own, one that is still going strong despite the Nats scuffling a bit of late.

Fans have taken to the “Baby Shark” craze as well, busting out a chomping celebration whenever Parra comes through at the plate.

Further, the team now has “Baby Shark”-inspired celebrations.

Whenever a player hits a single, they turn to their teammates and start flashing the Baby Shark sign from first base (thumb and finger pinching together repeatedly). On a double, they go with Mommy Shark (left and right hand snapping together like a Venus flytrap). For a triple or homer, it’s a full-on Daddy Shark (arms and all). 

Parra, meanwhile, is attempting to remain on an even keel despite how his seemingly innocuous decision to change his walk-up music served as a rallying cry as the Nationals got back in the postseason hunt.

“I feel relaxed,” Parra said. “All the fans love it and my teammates like it. So everybody’s relaxed. It works for me.”