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Adam Gase’s handling of wife’s delivery proved his devotion to football

Adam Gase, like many football coaches, are consumed by the game in every waking moment. Their obsession with football unsurprisingly can often lead to consequences in their personal lives, leaving their families no choice but to adapt at times.

A recent anecdote about Gase’s handling of his wife’s delivery of one of their children puts the New York Jets head coach firmly in the head of the pack when it comes to such things.

The Athletic recently shared an in-depth profile of the new Jets head coach, and the story about how football remained a priority even during the birth of a child can scarcely be believed.

Gase’s wife, Jennifer Vitt, was set to deliver one of the couple’s three children, Wyatt, via C-section. Given the nature of the procedure, the Gases were able to schedule the timing of their child’s birth. That’s when Gase used it to his advantage.

The profile piece on Gase by Dan Pompei highlights how the coach meticulously keeps files to keep track of things on a day-by-day basis. The childbirth tale in question comes from his time working with the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning.

According to a file pulled dated Oct. 1, 2013, Gase’s regularly scheduled Tuesday meeting with Manning potentially could have been compromised by the C-section procedure.

Every anecdote about how Gase conducts himself behind the scenes reveals yet another layer of the head coach’s eccentricity. If Jets fans could not see that coming after his out-of-this-world introductory presser earlier this year, this tale should take care of things.