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Patrick Mahomes ‘excited’ over his ‘Magic Crunch’ cereal

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes could not help but express his excitement over his very own branded cereal, Mahomes Magic Crunch, when discussing it hitting grocery store shelves in the Midwest this week.

The cereal, released in partnership with Kansas City-based grocery store HyVee, will be available at the chains’ locations in Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. Some of the proceeds, upwards of $25,000, will benefit the “15 and the Mahomies Foundation,” the quarterback’s charity.

“But I’m excited for it,” Mahomes said, via ESPN. “I’m excited for everything that it’s kind of doing. It’s helping out my foundation and now the fans are going out and buying it so I appreciate all of them.”

The boxes of cereal not surprisingly are already a hot commodity. Listings on eBay are offering up a box for up to $39.99. Meanwhile, a 12-box case can be had for $315.

“I’ve seen it on Twitter for sure,” Mahomes said. “People are posting pictures of them going to get it, getting several boxes at a time. I’m glad we have a fan base that will go out there and support me in everything I do and support my foundation and everything it does.

“I’ll definitely have a box I’ll keep forever. Whenever you’re a little kid and you see people on those cereal boxes and it’s a tremendous honor and I’m excited to be able to have my own.”

Mahomes added that the flavor of the cereal was inspired by his childhood favorite, Frosted Flakes, albeit toned down a bit.

“They did it and it’s a little bit healthier, less sugar,” Mahomes said. “I’m excited that it’s that too so I’ll be able to eat it a little bit here during the season.”

Sure, Mahomes Magic Crunch isn’t the healthiest of options, but it’s a far more palatable thing to eat than putting ketchup, of all things, on a steak, right?