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David Griffin reached out to LeBron James’ camp to clarify remarks

David Griffin ignited a firestorm with some incredibly candid comments about LeBron James earlier this week, and a report suggests he reached out to the superstar’s camp in an effort to do some damage control.

Griffin was the Cleveland Cavaliers general manager during the onset of James’ second tenure with the organization, ultimately departing in June 2017, and now serves as the executive vice president with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Recalling his time in Cleveland in a piece for Sports Illustrated that turned out to feature numerous bombshells, Griffin said he was “miserable” and could not wait to break away.

The more alarming comments concerning James, however, centered around Griffin’s belief that winning has taken a backseat for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar when compared to other off-the-court priorities.

Sources close to James told ESPN that he was “shocked” by Griffin’s critical characterization, and the Lakers star later took to social media to issue a cryptic tweet that was believed to be in part a response to the ongoing drama.

Griffin presumably had to be cognizant of the fact that his inflammatory comments would be met with consternation by James. Now, a new report from ESPN indicates Griffin reached out to James’ camp to clarify his remarks.

Griffin allegedly “expressed that some context was missing behind his comments,” per the report. What’s more, a person close to James who spoke to Griffin is said to have demanded that Griffin “clear up his stance on the record,” according to sources.

It will be interesting to see how the entire situation plays out, but it’s reasonable to expect that Griffin will have more to say about his forthright comments concerning James. Whether or not James will be satisfied with how Griffin spins his remarks going forward of course remains to be seen.