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Dak Prescott: Top 100 player ranking omission ‘lights a fire’

Prescott came up short in landing in the rundown of the NFL’s top 100 players after ranking No. 14 in 2017 and missing out altogether in 2018.

Speaking to Fox 4’s Mike Doocy on Thursday, Prescott indicated the fraternal nature of how the rankings are compiled — — which consists of votes from only by NFL players with 1,098 ballots collected — makes the omission sting a bit more.

“One of the biggest compliments is from a peer. So I guess you can take that the other way when you’re not getting it,” Prescott said, as transcribed by the Dallas Morning News. “It should motivate you.”

“When you see that list and there’s 100 guys — yeah, it lights a fire.”

The annual rankings as always create some semblance of controversy, whether it be related to players expressing consternation over their ranking — or outright omission, as is the case with Prescott — or pundits and the like parsing how the players are slotted.

That said, the rankings are arbitrary and arguably are more of a popularity contest than anything else as opposed to a legitimate representation of who exactly are the top 100 players in the league.

Still, for Prescott to be omitted entirely is something of a surprise given his overall status in the league. While he certainly has far better things to worry about heading into the 2019 season, whenever a player can internalize outside issues to fuel motivation, it has to be seen as a positive thing.