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Steve Kerr doubles down, says NBA star movement is ‘bad for business’

The frequency — not to mention magnitude — of stars switching teams in the NBA is arguably one of the biggest issues the league will be forced to confront in the near future. Count Steve Kerr in the camp who thinks the recent run of seismic star player movement is bad for the NBA.

Speaking to ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan, Kerr marveled at how NBA superstars calling all the shots, and the Golden State Warriors head coach believes it’s an ominous sign for the league.

“The league has always revolved around the top 15 guys,” Kerr told MacMullan. “But how many of them left? Larry [Bird] stayed, Magic [Johnson] stayed, Tim Duncan stayed, Kobe [Bryant] stayed, even Michael [Jordan] mostly stayed.

“What’s shocking is the caliber of the players — LeBron, KD, Kawhi — that are leaving. And they kind of run the league.”

Kerr originally created headlines last week when he railed against how Anthony Davis orchestrated his way off the New Orleans Pelicans by making a public trade demand despite being under contract, calling it a “real problem” and “bad for the league.”

While Kerr later clarified his remarks by saying it would have been more acceptable had Davis done his dealings with the Pelicans behind closed doors, he doubled down on his original opinion while speaking to MacMullan.

“That’s the real danger,” Kerr said of the situation with Anthony Davis as well as Paul George’s move to the Clippers. “That’s where you start to get concerned. At least I do. As for our league, it’s bad for business.”

Regarding overall player movement in free agency and not specifically superstars demanding trades, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he could see the recent massive moves coming before it all happened. It remains to be seen if and when the NBA will choose to address the issue, but it’s clear it’s seen as a problem by some of the bigger names in the league.