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Brian Cashman depicted as zombie by NY tabloid after quiet deadline

The New York Yankees were remarkably silent at Wednesday’s MLB trade deadline, and the inactivity left both the team’s fans and pundits confounded and perplexed.

The New York Post, whose snarky reputation concerning such newsworthy nuggets is well known, went after Yankees general manager Brian Cashman in brutal fashion, characterizing his inaction at the deadline as “zombie-like.”

The mocked-up image of Cashman depicted as a member of the undead on the tabloid’s back page on Thursday certainly drove the Post’s point home. The same can be said for “The Walking Dead” send-up headline, “The Walking Deadline.”

As noted on the Post’s back page, the Yankees elected to stand pat at the deadline while the AL rival Houston Astros loaded up with moves highlighted by the acquisition of Zack Greinke.

When speaking to reporters once the deadline came and went Wednesday afternoon, Cashman indicated the Yankees, while doing their due diligence, “didn’t get close to anything.”

“As a buyer, it has to hurt. I get that. But I was not willing to do what was available and what was being presented,” Cashman told reporters after the deadline passed, via ESPN. “And clearly, my counterparts were unwilling to do what I was willing to do in my offers.

“Maybe my counterparts felt my offers were underwhelming, and certainly I felt their offers were overwhelming. We just never matched up.”

It must be noted that the Yankees are sitting at an AL-best 68-39 and are a full 7.5 games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East.

The Yankees, though loaded up and down the lineup, were looking for help on the pitching side of things, both in the rotation and bullpen.

It’s apparent that Cashman and Yankees brass were either unwilling or incapable to make a deal, and the New York Post was not about to let the undead-like deadline pass without some patented snark.