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CC Sabathia: Aaron Boone’s ejection rant ‘legendary’

CC Sabathia has given Aaron Boone high marks over the New York Yankees manager’s epic rant during his ejection from Thursday afternoon’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Boone was ejected in the bottom of the second inning by home plate umpire Brennan Miller for arguing balls and strikes after Brett Gardner was punched out. The profane rant unleashed by the skipper involved a torrent of f-bombs in defense of Yankees players.

“My guys are f—ing savages in that f—ing box, right? And you’re having a piece of s–t start to this game. I feel bad for you, but f—ing get better,” Boone said. “Tighten it up right now, OK?”

Sabathia, making an appearance Friday morning on ESPN’s “Get Up!” program, joined a chorus of Yankees players who have praised Boone for so passionately going to bat for them.

“That was legendary,” Sabathia said. “That was a 10 out of 10.”

Sabathia added that players gave Boone the team’s “championship belt” in the clubhouse, which is awarded to the person who made the biggest impact on the game.

Boone will in all likelihood hear from the Commissioner’s office over his meltdown, though any potential punishment or discipline will pale in comparison to the positive impact his rant appears to have had in the clubhouse, as Yankees players clearly are rallying around their manager over it.