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Steve Kerr doubles down on Donald Trump criticism

Steve Kerr has never shied away from criticizing the Donald Trump administration, and his latest blistering criticism about how the Republican party has “sold its soul” to Trump reinforces his comments earlier in the week amid the latest controversy surrounding the President.

The Golden State Warriors head coach took to Twitter on Wednesday night to bemoan the state of things as he sees them in Washington, D.C., indicating Democrats “have to get this right in 2020” in reference to the upcoming election.

Kerr’s tweet follows his social media missive on Sunday in which he issued a scathing rebuke to Trump’s controversial tweets about four freshman female lawmakers, commentary that has been classified as racist by many as all four are women of color.

Kerr, as noted, has been a longtime critic of Trump — who has proven to be a polarizing presence in the world of sports since he took office — so it’s no surprise he sounded off about this latest scandal. Odds are the outspoken Warriors coach will continue to do the same when he deems it necessary to express his views.