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Aaron Rodgers ‘excited’ to work with Matt LaFleur in new offense

Much has been made this offseason about how Aaron Rodgers may not necessarily be seeing eye-to-eye with new Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur.

While Rodgers has attempted to quell such speculation, his latest comments lend to the notion the veteran signal-caller is finally becoming comfortable with LaFleur’s offensive system.

“I am excited about it,” Rodgers said during an appearance on “Chris Simms Unbuttoned,” as transcribed by Clutch Points. “The most important thing with change is to embrace it. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable parts of it. When you’ve been in a system for so long, you have a way of doing things. The first part is being open to [change].”

While things seem to be steadying between Rodgers and LaFleur, there were points during the offseason where things appeared quite unsettled between them. The two appeared to be involved in some semblance of a power struggle centered around Rodgers’ improvisational style, though both of them tried to say all the right things.

That appears to be the case again with Rodgers’ latest comments about LaFleur’s system. It’s no surprise there was a feeling-out phase for Rodgers, but if the Packers are going to return to prominence in 2019, the two have no choice but to make things work.