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Tom Brady trolled by ‘Madden 20’ over teammate high-five snubs

Chatter surrounding “Madden 20” was all the rage on NFL twitter Monday as the iconic video game series released its player rankings for the upcoming edition.

As part of the social media onrush related to all things “Madden 20,” gameplay video surfaced in which Tom Brady is trolled over how his New England Patriots teammates developed a penchant a few years back for snubbing his high-five efforts.

Back during the 2013 NFL season, footage documented how Brady was shut down by his teammates in efforts to elicit a sideline high-five not once, not twice, but three times.

In a tweet posted Monday shared by The Checkdown, gameplay footage shows Brady getting snubbed by Patriots tight end Stephen Anderson with an unrequited high-five.

When High-Five-Gate was occurring, Brady opened up about the alarming frequency of sideline shutdowns revolving around what Jerry Seinfeld once hilariously referred to in an episode as “the lowest form of male primate ritual.”

“Some of the guys showed me last night,” Brady said at the time of the unflattering footage during an appearance on WEEI radio. “I said ‘Where were all my guys?’ They were all running on the field. Jules [Julian Edelman] says, ‘Don’t worry. I’m gonna find you next time.’ I don’t know. It’s been all year. I can’t find anyone to get in there with me.”

Interestingly, in the mocking “Madden 20” footage, Edelman is the player who finally gives Brady the high-five the legendary quarterback was seeking. Seems fitting.