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Tom Brady chirps at ‘Madden 20’ over zinging him about high-five snubs

Footage from “Madden 20” has been making the rounds in which Tom Brady is shown getting snubbed by a teammate on a high-five attempt, and the New England Patriots quarterback apparently had no choice but to respond.

It merits noting that the virtual version Brady getting rebuffed by a teammate in such a manner is actually rooted in reality. Brady nevertheless took to social media to chirp at the iconic NFL football video game series for highlighting the unflattering slight.

The backstory surrounding “High-Five-Gate” came during the 2013 season, when footage documented how Brady was shut down by his teammates in efforts to elicit a sideline high-five not once, not twicebut three times.

In the gameplay footage shared on social media this week, the player doing the snubbing is Patriots tight end Stephen Anderson.

Brady, who at the time of the original affronts offered up thoughts on having his high-five efforts on the sideline left unrewarded, let an Instagram story do the talking over “Madden 20” drudging up such unpleasant memories.

“This is what I get for breaking the @eamaddennfl curse,” Brady notes in the image.

The “Madden Curse” of course is a much ballyhooed superstition — albeit one with some circumstantial evidence — that suggests landing the coveted cover of a “Madden” game is a harbinger of bad things to come for the player honored.

Brady overcame the “Madden Curse” without incident after landing on the cover of “Madden 18: G.O.A.T. Edition,” so all he’s asking is for EA Sports to give him a break and refrain from trolling him.