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Charles Barkley: Joel Embiid needs to get his ‘fat butt’ in shape

Charles Barkley had some harsh words on Tuesday morning for Joel Embiid, arguing in no uncertain terms that the Philadelphia 76ers superstar needs to commit himself to getting into better shape. Of course, the outspoken NBA analyst stated his case in much more colorful terms.

Barkley, in an appearance on Tuesday’s edition of “Get Up” on ESPN, weighed in on the state of the Sixers in light of the team and Ben Simmons agreeing on a five-year deal worth $170 million.

Asked what advice he’d give to his onetime team, Barkley had thoughts on how both Embiid and Simmons can elevate their respective games.

Barkley has targeted Embiid in the past, so the barbs over the Sixers star’s weight hardly come as a surprise, though it’s worth noting no league personality, player or otherwise, is immune to “Inside the NBA” analyst’s unfiltered criticism.

Barkley also addressed how reports surfaced that rookie phenom Zion Williamson — who made a short-lived appearance in the NBA Summer League before being sat due to a minor injury — is “not in shape” and “significantly overweight.” Barkley doesn’t necessarily see things that way.

It’s amusing how Barkley freely admits he played at a heightened weight, though there is a reason why Sir Charles was famously known as “The Round Mound of Rebound.”