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Todd Gurley continues to bemoan disparity between NFL, NBA contracts

Todd Gurley has again expressed his displeasure over the significant disparity between the kind of contracts enjoyed by NBA players and the deals with which NFL players are oftentimes saddled.

The NBA offseason has been a wild one, with massive amounts of guaranteed money being handed to the league’s biggest-name players.

Meanwhile, in the NFL, even the biggest superstars like Gurley, while netting considerable money in contracts, do not end up seeing such staggering numbers — nor security, for that matter — that their NBA counterparts net in their deals.

“It’s crazy,” Gurley recently told Bleacher Report, as transcribed by the New York Post. “I led the league in touchdowns the last two years and I just seen somebody get $80 million and I couldn’t even pronounce their name.”

When Bleacher Report radio host Adam Lefkoe brought up how Tobias Harris just signed a five-year, $180 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers, Gurley was left stumped, though he harbors no ill will toward any NBA player who can land such a contract.

“Tobias Harris was the first guy I seen, I was like, ‘Hold on, who is this?’” Gurley said. “I started looking at his game, I’m like, ‘Actually, he’s all right.’ He got [$64 million] the last time but then he just re-upped.

“Hey, I ain’t mad at them, man. They’re doing their thing. All I know is if I was in high school right now, and I was 6-5, I’d be in the gym every day.”

A not uncommon refrain, to be sure, and as noted, it’s not the first time Gurley, who is currently playing under a four-year, $60 million (with $45 million of it guaranteed) has railed against the distinct discrepancies between NFL and NBA deals.

It merits noting that a movement toward NFL players receiving more guaranteed money in their contracts is in the offing, as illustrated by Gurley’s deal with the Los Angeles Rams.

Still, when Tobias Harris is set to net $180 million guaranteed for five years while Gurley will play four seasons for $45 million guaranteed and $60 million total, it’s no surprise NFL stars are left somewhat bitter.