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Russell Westbrook learns of trade at Tulsa comedy club, takes stage

Russell Westbrook got his wish and was traded on Thursday night by the roster-deconstructing Oklahoma City Thunder. The superstar landed with former teammate James Harden and the Houston Rockets, who shipped back Chris Paul in return.

Westbrook departs OKC without question as the Thunder’s most iconic, revered player in the team’s relatively short history in town. The superstar has long exhibited an intense loyalty to the Thunder and Oklahoma City — at least up to this offseason when the organization dramatically changed course and blew up the team — so it’s fitting that he was afforded the opportunity to spend a few moments with Thunder fans immediately upon learning of the trade.

As it happens, Westbrook was at a Tulsa comedy club when he found out that he had been dealt to the Rockets.’s Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson happened to be at the same club and was able to chronicle the goings-on as Westbrook took the stage to address the locals and later mingle with the fans.

It turns out that Westbrook was at the Cain’s Ballroom comedy club so he could introduce longtime friend Demetrius Deason, with whom the superstar was co-hosting an event.

While Thunder backers obviously will mourn the loss of the 2017 NBA MVP and two-time NBA scoring champion, the belief is that the fan base understands Westbrook’s desire to depart and will be grateful for how he so passionately represented their team and town for so many years.