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Dwyane Wade: Jersey swap collection ‘kinda bootleg’ after wild offseason

Dwyane Wade spent his final NBA season, which he dubbed “One Last Dance,” swapping jerseys with a large number of players. With the mind-blowing flurry of activity this offseason that has resulted in countless stars, etc. switching teams, Wade’s jersey swap collection, in his words, is now “kinda bootleg.”

Wade took to Twitter Thursday night amid the news that the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets have exchanged superstar point guards Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul, the latest blockbuster deal that left the NBA landscape turned upside-down.

In the tweet, Wade jokes so many players switching teams this offseason has left his retirement season jersey collection seriously out of date.

All told, Wade swapped jerseys with over three dozen players during his “One Last Dance.” As of Thursday night, 18 of them will be playing for new teams next season.

A rundown of every jersey swap during Wade’s farewell season was previously chronicled on with a photo gallery, but a tweet issued Thursday night by NBA Central whimsically asserts that there is now a phenomenon that ought to be referred to as the “D-Wade Jersey Swap Curse.”

As far as the CP3-Westbrook trade is concerned, Wade declined to say much, indicating he’d prefer to speak with Paul first.

Makes sense. Of course D-Wade would want to touch base with his old “Banana Boat” buddy before adding in his two cents on the latest news.