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Jake Arrieta could be disciplined over remarks about Todd Frazier

Jake Arrieta could be subjected to discipline from Major League Baseball over inflammatory remarks directed at Todd Frazier over the weekend, reports NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury.

“Major League Baseball can discipline Arrieta, probably in the form of a fine, for making such an extreme threat,” Salisbury writes, “but no conclusion had been reached as of Tuesday afternoon.”

After the Philadelphia Phillies’ 6-5 loss to the New York Mets on Saturday, Arrieta threatened to “put a dent” in Frazier’s skull. The pitcher’s comments came in response to Frazier taking issue with getting plunked — one of three hit-batsmen by Arrieta during the game — during the fifth inning. The dustup ultimately led to Frazier’s ejection.

After the game, Arrieta took issue with Frazier’s antics, issuing a warning that surely elicited consternation around MLB offices.

“Frazier’s not happy about it, he can come see me and I’ll put a dent in his skull,” Arrieta said. “He didn’t say (crap) to me. Talking to the umpire. I’m 25 feet away. He wants to come out there, he can come out there. We’ve had pretty good history in the past, but I don’t care about that. If he’s mad, then we can talk about it man to man.”

It merits noting that Arrieta is dealing with elbow discomfort of late, and it was determined after Saturday’s start that it could stem from a potential bone spur. The veteran starter is expected to undergo further evaluation this week, and his wildness during Saturday’s game could be related to his evident elbow issues.

That said, the league obviously does not view players issuing such threats to opponents favorably, though it remains to be seen what kind of punishment — whether it be a fine or otherwise or nothing at all — Major League Baseball decides to mete out to Arrieta.