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Aaron Rodgers reveals who he’d want to portray him in biopic

Not that there’s a project of any sort that has been green-lighted by Hollywood bigwigs in the pipeline at this point, Aaron Rodgers has a good idea about who he’d want to portray him if a biopic were ever made about his life.

Perhaps to no surprise given the average ego of an NFL quarterback, the Green Bay Packers signal-caller envisions two men known for their good looks — with one of them respected for his acting chops as well — as worthy candidates.

“Brad Pitt in his prime, but he’s a great deal older than me, so my buddy who’s also a Packers fan and a good actor in his own right: Harry Styles,” Rodgers said, via ESPN. “Though I don’t think he could throw a football that well. But Harry would do a good job. He just has to figure out that American accent.”

The bit that inspired Rodgers’ retort stemmed from ESPN polling random athletes about who they’d want to play them in a movie. As far as NFL players are concerned, St. Louis Rams running back Todd Gurley would tab comedian-rapper and aspiring actor DC Young Fly.

Meanwhile, New Orleans Saints star Cameron Jordan believes Idris Elba or “Black Panther” actor Winston Duke would fit the bill. Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen would want “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth because the star is “jacked up” and has “good hair.”

Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby, though, made a somewhat controversial selection: Josh Duhamel, a North Dakota native who wears his fandom for the rival Minnesota Vikings on his sleeve. With that in mind, Crosby would be fine with … Justin Timberlake?

Who said NFL placekickers don’t have pretty big egos as well?