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NFL to cover medical bills for Dolphins’ Kendrick Norton

Kendrick Norton suffered horrific, career-ending injuries in a car accident last week, and the NFL has since stepped up and will pay the 22-year-old’s medical bills.

Norton was involved an accident in Miami that resulted in his Ford F250 crashing into a concrete barrier. The truck overturned and Norton ultimately had to have his left arm amputated due to the severity of the injuries suffered in the accident.

Norton remains hospitalized, but his status has been upgraded to stable. On Monday, Norton shared an update in an Instagram story. Featuring an image of him giving a thumb’s up, Norton added, “I’m good thank you to everyone that checked on me!!! I’m good thanks for the prayers to God be the glory.”

With Norton’s condition stabilizing, concern turned to the overwhelming cost of the the treatment and care Norton is receiving. According to Malki Kawa, Norton’s agent, the NFL will pay all of Norton’s medical bills, per a report from ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe.

Ahead of the news that the NFL would cover Norton’s medical costs, a GoFundMe page was launched on Monday night, and it had raised nearly $5,000 as of Tuesday afternoon.

Kawa has since noted that Norton will be undergoing his third surgery since the accident on Tuesday. Two more procedures will also be scheduled before moving on to the next step, and the hope is Norton at some point will be fitted with a prosthetic arm as he acclimates to his new circumstances.

Kawa added that Norton’s “spirits are up considering the traumatic accident that he suffered and he’s thankful for the support.”