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Dwight Howard declares ego ‘dead,’ wants to emulate Draymond Green

Dwight Howard again stands at a crossroads in an NBA career that has gone off the rails over the past few seasons, but the 33-year-old veteran claims to have a newfound outlook that he hopes will help him regain relevancy in the league he once dominated.

Howard is expected to play with a new team for the fifth consecutive season when play begins this fall. As part of his hoped-for career renaissance in the midst of declining play in recent seasons, Howard recently declared to The Athletic’s Shams Charania that his ego is “dead” and that “it had to die for me to be who I am.”

What’s more, Howard mentioned how he hopes to emulate the style of play of Draymond Green and model his game after the Golden State Warriors’ do-everything power forward.

“I want to be whatever a team needs me to be. I’ve played in every situation so far,” Howard told Charania. “I used to really hate how Draymond plays, but what I noticed watching him during these playoffs was that he does everything for the team.

“He’s everywhere. He’ll get a tech, he’ll take a charge, he’ll be everywhere on defense. He’s talking. He does everything. It doesn’t show up in the stat sheet, but it shows up in the mind of everyone watching. I want to be that person.”

After relatively disappointing one-season stints with the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets and Washington Wizards — where injuries limited him to only nine games last season — Howard was traded over the weekend to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Despite Howard’s desire to transform himself into a Green-like force, the case can be made that evolution of the NBA game may have passed him by. While it’s unclear where Howard goes from here heading into the 2019-20 season, odds are his résumé — which included some truly dominating campaigns early on his career — will afford him an opportunity to contribute on the court in some capacity, especially given he tends to still produce to some extent when healthy.