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Billy Crystal cracked Drake joke in Kawhi Leonard text to Doc Rivers

Billy Crystal has long been an unabashed fan of the Los Angeles Clippers, and the legendary actor/funnyman unsurprisingly is overjoyed by the team’s ability to sign Kawhi Leonard.

Interestingly, the longtime Clippers backer even had a direct Kawhi hotline courtesy of a text exchange between himself and Doc Rivers as the Leonard sweepstakes played out.

Crystal recently shared the nature of his texted conversation with the Clippers head coach while chatting with Marc Stein of The New York Times.

“All I wrote was, ‘Fingers crossed,’” Crystal said.

“Mine, too,” Rivers replied.

Once the dreams of landing Leonard — along with the bonus of acquiring Paul George as well via trade — came true, Crystal was on Cloud Nine.

“My head is spinning,” Crystal told Stein. “I had a feeling it was going to be us, but this is pretty overwhelming that it’s going to be the two of them. It’s sort of beyond description for us.”

Perhaps best of all about the yarn spun by Crystal is how he managed to sneak in a joke about the biggest celebrity superfan of Leonard’s former team in the process.

Asked what he texted Rivers after it sunk in that the double score of Leonard and George was no hoax, Crystal said: “I told him, ‘This could be really exciting, but don’t worry. I promise you I won’t massage your shoulders during a game.’ ”

Crystal is of course referencing how Drake, who became a major storyline during the postseason, rubbed the shoulders of head coach Nick Nurse during a playoff game.

Famous Clippers backers like Crystal have always taken a back seat in L.A. to the arguably more glamorous celebrity fan base enjoyed by the Lakers. While the Lakers roster still boasts the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Clippers organization without question have pulled even with their in-city rivals this offseason.

In other words, Crystal and the rest of Clippers Nation have no reason to hang their heads in L.A. any longer.