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Kevin Durant reportedly ‘wasn’t too fond’ of Steve Kerr

There were some warning signs that all was not well between Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors during his three-season stint with the team, and a purported rift with Steve Kerr presumably played some role in it.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith suggested during Wednesday’s edition of “First Take” that “KD was not feeling Steve Kerr, at all.”

“One of the other things that hasn’t been talked about: Kevin Durant did not have the greatest relationship with Steve Kerr,” Smith said. “He wasn’t too fond of Steve Kerr at all… The team was a team. Kevin Durant was a part of the team, but was his own man, very independent.”

Much was made concerning a suspected disconnect between Durant during the first round of the playoffs this season. It was said to have stemmed from a dispute over the superstar’s shot selection, as Kerr wanted to Durant to shoot more. There were a handful of other occurrences where the two seemed to politely disagree with another through the media as well over the years.

Interestingly, Kerr made some comments during the 2017-18 season that were shared in a recent deep dive into the current state of the Warriors about Durant “drifting a bit,” something that now appears to have been a recurring theme throughout the superstar’s tenure with the team.

The postmortem presently taking place about what, when and how things went wrong between Durant and the Warriors, while interesting, is nothing more than an academic exercise at best given the superstar has signed with the Brooklyn Nets.

In the end, what’s done is done and both Durant and the Warriors presumably are eager to move on with their respective futures.