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Clint Capela’s vehicle vandalized after Rockets’ playoff elimination

Sports fans are known for taking things far too seriously, but the boorish behavior of either a Houston Rockets fan — or fans — after the team’s postseason elimination in May without question crosses the line into unacceptable criminal conduct.

In a recent piece about the Rockets’ offseason plans, The Athletic’s Kelly Iko mentions how Clint Capela’s vehicle was allegedly vandalized by fans after the Rockets bowed out of the postseason by losing in six games to the Golden State Warriors in the teams’ Western Conference semifinal series.

The backstory surrounding Capela ahead of the series involves how he expressed an eagerness to face the Warriors. The 25-year-old center failed to rise to the occasion in some respects. Averaging 8.8 points and 10.0 rebounds — below his season statistical output — Capela shot 53.5% from the field and was a negative plus-minus for the series.

Evidently irate, embittered and arguably unhinged Rockets fans apparently took their frustration out on Capela by trashing his Range Rover.

“But the fans were even harder on him, calling for his head in trade talks and deeming his contract as a waste of money. His Range Rover was vandalized in the days following Game 6, according to two people close to Capela with knowledge of the situation. The windows were broken, the side panels ripped apart and the outside of the vehicle keyed and scratched.”

Capela, who is indeed the subject of trade talks already this offseason, is in the midst of a five-year, $90 million deal signed in the summer of 2018. While Rockets fans have reason to gripe that his productivity has not matched his salary, to take things so far as to vandalize his vehicle is beyond the pale and reprehensible.