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Draymond Green bought Andre Iguodala’s new book at airport

Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala have been fixtures during the Golden State Warriors’ dynastic run over the past five seasons. While the two undoubtedly know each other quite well, Green will have the opportunity to learn much more about his teammate a lot better thanks to a recent purchase at an airport, of all places.

While getting ready to board a flight on Thursday night, Green picked up a copy of Iguodala’s new book, titled, “The Sixth Man,” something he shared on Instagram.

“This is major brother! Congrats my dude! Just bought this in the airport…” Green wrote. “Good read for this long flight…”

Green previously offered up about the highest praise possible for Iguodala, saying earlier this month his teammate merits Hall of Fame consideration.

“If the things that people say [actually matter], then how couldn’t he be a Hall of Famer?” Green rhetorically asked reporters, via NBC Sports Bay Area.

As far as the book purchase is concerned, Green is likely in for a really entertaining read, so long as the revelations revealed in its pages are as enlightening in eye-opening as what Iguodala has had to say during media appearances of late.