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Steve Kerr seemingly lowers expectations for Warriors next season

The Golden State Warriors have been on a remarkable run during their dynastic era, making five consecutive NBA Finals appearances and winning three titles. Steve Kerr recently addressed the team’s prospects for similar success next season, and the Warriors head coach seemingly attempted to lower fans’ expectations for the upcoming campaign.

To say the Warriors are facing a considerable amount of uncertainty in the upcoming offseason would be an understatement. The belief is the Warriors could undergo potentially organization-altering changes. While acknowledging as much, Kerr laid out how he and the coaching staff envision how things will play out for the team in 2019-20.

“We’ll see what our roster ends up looking like,” Kerr told Tim Kawakami of The Athletic this week. “Everything’s on the table for us going into next year — from starting jobs, to style of play — we got a lot to sort through. And from that perspective, I think it’s exciting.

“I think our fans … obviously we want to compete for a championship every year, and our fans probably expect that, and we’ve had that the last five years. But I think next year, there will be a lot of interest from our fans in watching our young players grow, and watching a team form and watching a style form. And we’ll see how all that comes together.

“But I know I’m excited and our staff is excited for what’s coming.”

Chief among the pressing issues the Warriors will have to confront this offseason are the futures of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. While it appears to be a foregone conclusion that Durant is headed elsewhere in free agency — the same can be said for DeMarcus Cousins as well — Thompson remains a wild card in most respects, despite the fact both players are expected to miss either most or the entirety of next season.

Stephen Curry recently shared a story about how Warriors players dealt with their loss in the NBA Finals to the Toronto Raptors. Between that anecdote and Kerr’s comments, it appears the Warriors may be coming to terms with the potential ending of an era.