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Rudy Gobert offers DPOY trophy to little girl for great defense in viral video

A video featuring a little girl going all out while playing defense during her team’s basketball practice has reached viral status, so much so that it has even caught the attention of the NBA world, including Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert.

It turns out the footage features the 7-year-old daughter of Barstool Sports blogger Chaps, who later shared that the video documents the first practice of her fledgling basketball career.

The commitment to playing tough D demonstrated by the youngster is evident, as the girl even sticks to her opponent like glue after the whistle is blown.

Gobert, the reigning NBA Defensive Player of the Year, took to Twitter to joke that the league might as well just take back his trophy and give it to the young lady.

Chaps discussed his daughter’s aggressive defense with My San Antonio after the video went viral. He said he simply instructed his daughter to play hard on defense.

“She said, ‘Got it, dad.’ It didn’t really surprise me. She has a tenacious little personality all the time, she’s just a wild card — she tries really hard at everything she does,” he said.

Interestingly, Gobert’s expressed admiration for the young lady’s penchant for defense was not the only instance of the video making the NBA rounds. None other than the legendary Scottie Pippen also broke down the footage during Wednesday’s edition of ESPN’s “The Jump,” saying, “I’m loving that D.”

It’s safe to say the young lady is a star in the making, to put it mildly.