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Tom Brady ‘humbled’ by Namath praise, wants invite from Stern show

Joe Namath bestowed about the highest praise possible upon Tom Brady earlier this week, and the forum through which the NFL legend made the statement — not to mention the compliment itself — drew the New England Patriots quarterback’s attention.

Namath, making an appearance on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show on Monday, explained why Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

“Tom is the best,” Namath told Stern, via “I’ve been asked that question for many years. Johnny [Unitas] was my hero, Otto Graham was great, slingin’ Sammy Baugh, I could go back. But meantime, Tom has been challenged more in recent history with huge games certainly than anyone I recollect, and he’s stepped up every time.”

Stern then asked Namath point blank if Brady is the best of all time.

“I would have to say he’s the best at answering the challenge that ever was,” Namath said, conclusively.

Brady, who is without question a must-follow on social media, reacted to Namath’s comments in an Instagram story, in which he also lobbied for an interview with Stern.

Stating he’s “humbled” is one of Brady’s go-to remarks whenever he is praised or receives accolades, awards or otherwise, so it’s no surprise that’s how he responded to Namath’s compliment.

Concerning his campaigning for an appearance on Stern’s show? Brady has long said he’s a fan of the former shock jock, saying ahead of Super Bowl LIII that he listens to Stern “all the time.”