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Stephen Curry: Wine, fellowship helped Warriors get over Finals loss

Stephen Curry insists it did not take long for the Golden State Warriors to get over their loss in the NBA Finals to the Toronto Raptors. Instead of sulking, the team bonded over their remarkable journey over the past five seasons, with wine serving as a salve that helped them get over the disappointment.

In a recent interview with Adam Caparell of Complex, Curry indicated that Warriors players convened at his house the day after the team’s elimination Game 6 loss to reflect on the dynastic run the team has enjoyed since the current crew won their first title back in 2015.

“Even the night after we lost Game 6, we had the entire team at the house and we were drinking some wine and having some fun, talking about the crazy year that we had and it was nothing like somber or down about any of it,” Curry said. “It was more like a celebration of just how special this journey has been and knowing that it’s not over yet so I think in turn having people that support you, having your family, and you getting to share them it definitely helps keep things into perspective and not make it more tough to lose than it already is.”

Curry added that personally, the “sting is pretty much done by now” as it relates to the Warriors’ bid for a three-peat and a fourth NBA title in five seasons came up short, though it will remain on his mind until the start of next season.

The Warriors are in the initial stages of a critical offseason during which the team could very well undergo organization-altering changes. The uncertain futures of the injured Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson — not to mention DeMarcus Cousins — loom large.

Regardless of how things ultimately play out, Curry is right: The Warriors have enjoyed one outstanding run. While the case has been made that the Warriors’ window may indeed be closing, there’s no need to treat the loss to the Raptors as some kind of funeral. It’s entirely possible that the magic could continue into next season and beyond.