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Family of toddler struck by ball at Astros game retains attorney

The family of a two-year-old girl who was struck by baseball during a Houston Astros game at Minute Maid Park in May has retained an attorney to begin potential deliberations with the team.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the family has retained attorney Richard Mithoff, who provided an update on the health of the toddler.

Mithoff revealed the girl sustained a skull fracture along with associated subdural bleeding, among other injuries, according to hospital records.

No lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the girl and her family, Mithoff added, but he did indicate he and the Astros have initiated discussions related to “potential options in the matter.”

The girl, who remains unidentified, was struck in the head by a foul ball off the bat of Chicago Cubs outfielder Albert Amora Jr. during a game on May 29. Almora was left inconsolable in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

The girl continues to undergo treatment in Houston, and continues to suffer seizures as a result of her head injuries, Mithoff said.

The incident at Minute Maid Park, along with others, has inspired renewed discussions regarding how Major League Baseball ought to enact more policies that reinforce already-existing protocol that will better ensure the safety of fans attending games.

Some teams have already announced that they will extend netting at their ballparks in light of this season’s incidents.

“The family wanted to thank everyone for their concern, and that was first and foremost,” Mithoff said. “Secondly, we wanted to see whether or not any conversations can take place that can lead to a discussion of options that would make sense for the fans and the ballparks and the clubs.

“I know Jim Crane and know him to be a responsible owner, and I think he will do the right thing.”

The Astros currently are exploring their options for additional netting but have not announced any plans to do so.