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Raptors’ Masai Ujiri weighs in on potential White House visit

It remains unclear whether or not the Toronto Raptors would attend a ceremony at the White House should an invitation be extended, and Masai Ujiri made it clear that any decision about such a visit will be a collective one.

It previously was confirmed that the Raptors will meet with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau during a visit to Parliament Hill in Ottawa at some point in the future, but any potential ceremony at the White House in honor of the team’s NBA title remains up on the air.

During a wide-ranging press conference on Tuesday, the Raptors president of basketball operations weighed in on the situation. Reading into Ujiri’s comments, it certainly sounds like the Raptors would as a group elect to decline an invitation, a not-uncommon refrain among NBA championship teams throughout the Donald Trump presidency.

Trump was asked last week whether or not he would host the Raptors at the White House, and it sounded like he would at least entertain the possibility, which stands in contrast to how the President has handled similar situations with other championship-winning teams.

To say Trump has been a polarizing presence in the world of sports since he took office would be an understatement. While the recent world champion Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots have been invited by Trump to the White House, it’s otherwise been a hit-and-miss affair when it comes to such ceremonies, with some teams never actually receiving an invitation.